PHP Laravel Framework

Course Content:

  • 4. PHP OOP: (6 Hours)

– OOP Basics
– What are classes and objects?
– What is $this keyword?
– Constructor and Destructor
– Encapsulation and Access Modifiers – Inheritance and Polymorphism

  • 5. MySQL Basics: (3 Hours)

– Introduction to DB and MySQL

– DDL and DML Statements

6. Laravel FrameWork: (25 Hours)

– Introduction to Laravel
– Installing Laravel using composer – Project Structure and MVC
– Routes and Middlewares
– Controllers
– Models and DB Migrations
– Views and Blade Engine

  • 1. Introduction to web development: (3 Hours)

– What is Internet?
– What is Client-Server Term?
– How Website Works?

– What is HTTP Request?
– Types of Computer Languages – Compiler vs Interpreter

  • 2. PHP Basics: (6 Hours)

– Introduction to Coding
– Setting up the PHP Environment – Variable and Constants
– Control Statements
– Functions

  • 3. Forms and Superglobals Variables: (3 Hours)

– Form Handling
– File Upload
– Sanitize Form Data
– Working with Cookies

– Working with Sessions

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PHP Laravel Framework

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