Mobile Development – React Native

:Course Content


  • ⁠The history of React-Native
  • The need of using React-Native
  • Supported Platforms
  • React-Native showcase

Technologies we need to be familiar with:

  • ⁠ES6  (JavaScript)
  • JSX (HTML-like)
  • RNSS (CSS-like)

Resources and helpful links

Create Our First App:

  • ⁠npx react-native init ‘Project-Name’
    (Using Native Code)
  • ⁠Expo init ‘Project-Name’ (Using Expo)

Learn The Basics:

  • Metro Bundler
  • Component
  • Props
  • State
  • Handling Touches, Pressable
  • Images
  • Styling & StyleSheet

Little deeper:

  • Dependances
  • Navigation
  • Different types of view

More about UI:

  • Splash Screen
  • ActivityIndicator
  • Platform Specific Code
  • Cards


  • WebView
  • Linking

Data & Storage:

  • Networking
  • AsyncStorage

App publishing:

  • Generating Signed APK
  • Change App icon

Forms: Build & Submit:


  • What is Firebase?
  • Using React-native-Firebase
  • Using Firebase Auth
    (Sign-In & Sign-Up)


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